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Weston Patrick P.A.
A Professional Association of Independent Attorneys since 1987
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84 State Street
Boston, MA 02109-2299

About Weston Patrick

Weston Patrick enjoys a long heritage of successful service to businesses and individual clients, beginning with the associated practices of Thomas G. Weston and Henry B. Patrick in the late 19th century, and continues to thrive in the 21st century. From the age of handwritten instruments to the paperless world of the Internet, the focus of our members has always been to serve their clients as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, using the best available legal tools and technology. The members of Weston Patrick have developed and continue to be recognized for their expertise in a wide variety of legal specialties. The collegial environment at Weston Patrick enables our members to gather and apply the right resources, on an individual and collaborative basis depending on the scope of the matter presented, to solve our clients’ needs. Our clients appreciate the prompt, effective service and unflagging devotion that we provide to help them achieve their goals.