Weston Patrick, P.A.

A Professional Association Since 1897


Weston Patrick enjoys a long heritage of successful service to businesses and individual clients. Beginning with the associated practices of Thomas G. Weston and Henry B. Patrick more than 100 years ago, our members continue the tradition of working in their own distinct practices within the Weston Patrick association, while having access to a pool of in-house legal talent to consult as needed.

The members of Weston Patrick have developed and continue to be recognized for their expertise in a wide variety of legal specialties. The collegial environment in our association enables its members to gather and apply the right resources to solve our clients’ needs. Our clients appreciate our effectiveness and unflagging devotion to the pursuit of their goals.

Since 1897, our association has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Weston Patrick's continued tradition of independence, collaboration, innovation, and foresight has served our clients well from the age of the fountain pen through to our current digital age.

Each attorney in this association is an independent professional who is not responsible for the practice or liability of any other attorney in the association except for those directly employed by or practicing in partnership with that attorney.