Weston Patrick, P.A.

A Professional Association Since 1897


Weston Patrick attorneys are available to prosecute and defend most types of civil disputes. We are experienced trial lawyers focused on effectively advocating our clients’ positions and interests. Weston Patrick’s litigators have represented hundreds of individuals, estates, corporations and insurance companies in a wide variety of trials in Massachusetts and Federal courts.

The depth of our litigation experience enables us to successfully handle cases of all sizes while remaining focused on our clients’ objectives. Our clients understand that our willingness and ability to try cases, and our experience and skill in the courtroom, are matched by our knowledge of alternative methods of resolving disputes that may prove more cost effective. This combination provides clients with their best opportunity to resolve matters efficiently, economically and satisfactorily.

We represent clients in the following types of civil disputes:

  • Will contests and estate, trust and probate disputes;
  • Civil rights and police misconduct;
  • Commercial and business contract claims;
  • Consumer protection and unfair business competition;
  • Real estate disputes and construction claims;
  • Defamation, including slander and libel;
  • Employment discrimination;
  • Employment terminations, benefits and contracts.

Our representation of clients may include all or any of the many stages of civil litigation: pre-suit negotiation and investigation, filing or responding to lawsuits, pretrial discovery, mediation and settlement negotiations, trial or arbitration, post-trial relief and appeals.
Our clients are continuously apprised of new developments, and kept involved and informed throughout the litigation process. Our goal is to completely satisfy the client’s needs by obtaining the best possible result as quickly and prudently as possible. We routinely find that our efficient and effective approach to litigation delivers results at lower overall costs relative to other firms.
Each attorney in this association is an independent professional who is not responsible for the practice or liability of any other attorney in the association except for those directly employed by or practicing in partnership with that attorney.